Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with the vision of PT Garam (Persero) to become a world-class salt industry company, PT Garam (Persero) 's commitment and concern for Social and Environmental Responsibility is the maximum contribution of PT Garam (Persero) to efforts to improve the dignity of Salt Farmers. . Sustainable development does not only concentrate on environmental issues. More broadly than that, sustainable development includes three policy spheres: economic development, social development and environmental protection (People, Profit and Planet). In line with the TPB (Sustainable Development Goals) Program according to Presidential Regulation Number 59 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. TJS is committed to contributing to 4 pillars of development, namely: 1. Economic Development Pillars 2. Social Development Pillars 3. Environmental Development Pillars 4. Pillars of Legal Development and Governance For the four main pillars, the TJSL program is lowered into several sub-work programs: 1. Working capital assistance (Soft Loans) to SMEs located in the company's operational area 2. Assistance Program for Capacity Building for Assisted SMEs in the form of Education / Training, Apprenticeship & Promotion Assistance 3. Quality Salt Production Improvement Program 4. Assistance to repair religious facilities and infrastructure 5. Assistance to repair public facilities and infrastructure 6. Salt farmer quality improvement program 7. Cooperative Program for Salt Farmers 8. Assistance to repair school facilities and infrastructure